Coca-Cola trap carcinogenic door Hangzhou superma
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BEIJING,aloe vera juice, Hangzhou, June 29 (Reporter Xia Yi intern Ni Mengya) before Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola was broke may contain high levels of cancer-causing substances, the reporter found after some supermarkets visited in Hangzhou, the two cola sales in its stores is still normal. Hangzhou Century Lianhua, Auchan supermarket are not received similar cola statement of the shelf, so now this is still a normal supermarket sales,fruit juice.

as early as March of this year, the U.S. consumer health maintenance organization CSPI (CSPI) said in a statement, Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola Company production of soda in the presence of high levels of 4 - methylimidazole, this substance can lead animals long-tumor, possible carcinogenic risk to the human body. Coca-Cola insisted that the product is no problem.
recent British "Daily Mail" reported that Coca-Cola for reducing carcinogens 4 - methylimidazole process improvement implementation of "double standards", only the implementation of preventive measures in the United States.

As a result, Coca-Cola contains carcinogens controversy renewed.

then, for the event, the Coca-Cola sales in Hangzhou affected?
reporter century United Huaqing Chun shop located in downtown Hangzhou on the 29th came, found that Coca-Cola's sales, as in the past. Not only stood a few rows of Coca-Cola on the first floor of the freezer, the counters on the second floor, the Coca-Cola drinks put several rows.

"to online rumors abound, we can not determine the true things there is no problem when we can not, the product off the shelf,coconut water, right?" century United Huaqing Chun shop staff said they did not receive the Coca-Cola released related statement, so I did not take relevant measures. It is reported that two-thirty in Hangzhou the Century Lianhua chain stores, none of the Coca-Cola off the shelf.
Hangzhou Auchan supermarket also not received headquarters sent a similar statement cola next frame. The staff told reporters that Coca-Cola is still the normal sales,energy drink.

Similarly, some hotels in Hangzhou for Coca-Cola, the failure to implement the ban. 29, the reporter in Hangzhou,ginger beer, a five-star hotel found that Coca-Cola is still one of the waiter drinks added to the food buffet customer.

It is understood that lowering the American Coca-Cola, 4 - methylimidazole reasons, Coca-Cola said earlier, this is quite upset. California Proposition 65 requirements, a 4 - methylimidazole level is not below standard, it must be added in an overpack warning signs. (End)
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